Branding Rules

Branding is paramount to your company’s success, right? Every marketing message – logo, signage, ads, web, bags, everything – has to bear the same graphic design and messaging. Well, It seems that’s not always true.

If you are a destination store with no competition and a highly committed customer you can do things differently. Went to our local Asian market, Park To Shop (yes, that is their name) and this was the bag were using that day. Yep, a rejected bag from a tobacco store in East Texas (you can see the print justification is off). Last time I was there, the bag came from a BBQ joint somewhere. While I always use my own tote bags, there is something so amusing to me to see what bags they offer on any given day.

By the way, you can’t get in the store on weekends, it is packed with customers. And it seems they are a field trip destination, too. A school bus from outside our city was parked in front with students racing around the store, taking selfies with the owner. Not sure why, but once again, I was entertained. Love Park To Shop!