The Browser You Choose Matters


If you have ever wondered how advertisers know your online shopping habits and search habits, or how they seem to be following you around the web, it’s simple: online tracking and the collection of all your data. One browser service is taking action to stop it, and this announcement should be of interest to everyone who values their privacy and data. Here’s an excerpt from a Mozilla blog post:

“Anyone who isn’t an expert on the internet would be hard-pressed to explain how tracking on the internet actually works. Some of the negative effects of unchecked tracking are easy to notice, namely eerily-specific targeted advertising and a loss of performance on the web. However, many of the harms of unchecked data collection are completely opaque to users and experts alike, only to be revealed piecemeal by major data breaches. In the near future, Firefox will — by default — protect users by blocking tracking while also offering a clear set of controls to give our users more choice over what information they share with sites.”

If you are not using Firefox, try it out. Read the full post here.

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